Donald Trump and the peace treaty between Israel and Palestine

Those who created the peace plan

Prior to the decision in the national lawsuit against Donald Trump, he had a press conference in the White House with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and delivered the ”New Century Peace Agreement” between Israel and Palestine, a desk product of his son-in-law Jared Kushner. Israel would get all of Jerusalem and the Jews would keep the settlements on the Golan Heights. The Arabs get a corridor into Jerusalem. In addition, Palestine will have $ 470 billion to build its land with.

The agreement is not a political agreement but an attempt at a business agreement. So it was with trying to buy Greenland from Denmark eg. That is exactly what Trump did most in his life outside of politics. He lacks political dexterity.
Having a one-sided press conference, which goes out in media all over the world, with one of the parties present and without anchoring with the other partner, has no bearing and cannot hold. From a Palestinian point of view, it was said that Trump was trying to alleviate the problems at home. The reaction from Palestine was a resounding no. They don’t sell their souls for dollars.

At the end of the press conference, Trump said Netanyahu would travel to Moscow after the meeting and talk to Putin. That’s how Trump wants it, to be able to control the world with Putin. Apart from Putin, Trump is a lone wolf in the international arena. He makes his personal results without contact with either the Congress at home or Western Europe around the world. So it is with North Korea and rapid swings in the Middle East. It is more mind-blowing than thoroughly analyzed politically-based projects.

Everything suggests that Trump is going out of court, but the election has become more uncertain after that. Republicans’ conduct with secrecy and secrecy makes their victory more uncertain. It is 75% of the population who want to allow more witnesses to come forward

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